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Brake Pad Maintenance
Nov 12, 2018

1. Avoid sudden braking

The emergency brake brake damages the brake pads very much, so you should pay attention to the slow brake when driving normally, or use the brake to brake, so the wear on the brake pads is relatively small.

2. Reduce the frequency of braking

When driving normally, it is a good habit to reduce the brakes, that is, the engine can be braked to reduce the speed, and then the brakes can be used to further slow down or stop. When driving, you can reduce the gear to reduce the speed.

3. Always check the brake pads

When the vehicle travels for 40,000 kilometers or more, the brake pads wear more severely. Check carefully to see if the thickness of the brake pads has been reduced to the minimum limit. If it has reached the limit, it will be Replace the brake pads. Under normal driving conditions, the brake pads are inspected once every 5,000 km. It is necessary to check not only the remaining thickness but also the state of wear of the shoes. The degree of wear on both sides is the same, and whether the return position is free.

4. Position the wheels regularly.

When the vehicle has problems such as deviation, it is necessary to timely position the vehicle in four wheels to avoid damage to the tires of the vehicle and to cause excessive wear of the brake pads on one side of the vehicle.

5. Pay attention to the sound of the brake pads.

If you hear a rubbing iron sound after braking normally, it means that the brake pads have been ground to the brake disc. You must replace the brake pads immediately, and carefully check the brake disc damage.

6. Replace the brake pads to pay attention to running-in

When the vehicle is replaced with a new brake pad, be sure to step on the brakes to eliminate the gap between the shoe and the brake disc, so that the first leg does not brake, so as to avoid accidents. In addition, it is necessary to run for 200 km to achieve the best braking effect. The brake pads that have just been replaced must be driven with caution.

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