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Brake System
Apr 10, 2017

The car is able to drive on the road because of the wheel's rotation, and when the car stops, what to do? Motorists are unlikely to stretch their feet to the ground like animated cartoons to stop the car from moving forward, relying on the brakes on the car to reduce the speed and stop the car. The brake device is consumed by friction between the brake pads and drum or disc plates, and the kinetic energy of the vehicle is converted into heat energy during the friction process.

The braking system consists of a control system, a hydraulic system and a booster system.

1. Control system: Pedal, hand brake, etc.

2. Hydraulic system: Hydraulic oil, brake pump, hydraulic tubing composition.

Hydraulic oil primer is the hydraulic medium used by hydraulic pressure system, which plays the role of energy transfer, system lubrication, anticorrosion, antirust and cooling in the hydraulic system. For hydraulic fluids, firstly, the requirement of liquid viscosity of hydraulic device at working temperature and start-up temperature should be satisfied, because the viscosity change of oil is directly related to hydraulic action, transmission efficiency and transmission precision, and the viscosity and shear stability of oil should satisfy the various needs of different uses.

Brake pump by the total brake pump (master Brake Cylinder) and the brake pump (Front & Rear Wheel Brake Cylinder), the main part of the hydraulic brake, which has a savings brake oil tank, the bottom is the cylinder with pistons. The piston is in the cylinder by the brake pedal and then push the rod to function, the cylinder in the brake pressure to each wheel cylinder, also is the hydraulic brake device, configured in each wheel inside the brake cylinder.

3. Booster system: Vacuum Booster Pump

4. Electronic control system: The ABS pump, ABS sensor, ABS computer composition.

5. Execution system: Brake caliper Brake disc consisting of brake pads.

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