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Dec 27, 2017

When it comes to the truck slowing down, maybe we will ask whether slowing down is stepping on the brake? In fact, that is not so simple. Stepping on the brake also has method. In different road condition, blindly braking can cause dangerous result. Proper braking can reduce the wear of tire as well as the fuel consumption rate. Let’s discuss how to use proper braking in different road condition.



Generally speaking, the Pavement condition is well in urban road. Many truck drivers drive freely and quickly in order to save time to carry goods more times. That is very bad conduct because safety is the first. There are many people and other cars in urban, when the emergency situation happened, it is hard to brake because of the fast speed and heavy truck weight. Therefore driving in urban roads need to control driving speed and be alert to road conditions. So that we could take timely braking measures.




When driving on the dirt road or floating sand pavement, stepping brake must be gentle. If the driving speed or brake too fast, the floating sand will slide along with the wheel, so that it can not provide enough friction. The possibility of slipping is very large. Therefore driving on this kind of road, the driving speed need to be slow. It is better to use the engine's traction or road friction to slow down.



On the long downhill road, the driver need to use frequent braking control the speed. If stepping brake for a long time, it will affect the brake system, even will cause brake failure. And it will also arise the flat tire in summer. The brake pad will have carbonization phenomenon in high temperature because of long-time friction and it will reduce the friction coefficient of brake pad. Therefore on this road, the drivers need to maintain the mid-range. They should not drive by high speed or slide by neutral gear. It is better to use engine braking together with retarder to brake.



The truck must not be braked sharply when cornering because the center of gravity will shift. The truck will be aggravated tilt, so that it will cause unilateral braking. And if the speed is too high, there will be danger of rollover and skidding. More importantly, when turning, the truck will arise an outward centrifugal force and the degree of tires’ stress is different. The outer front wheel has the maximum force, the smallest force is on the inner rear wheel. However the braking force of all the wheels are the same, which will cause wear deviations of brake system and tire. Correct brake slowing down should be finished before entering the bend. In the corners, the truck need to maintain uniform speed and do not use the neutral gear.

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