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How Long To Replace The Brake Pads
Nov 27, 2017

Brake pads are usually 50000 km for each change of 5000 km on the brake shoe check once, not only to check the remaining thickness, but also check the status of the shoe wear, the extent of wear on both sides of the same, whether the return of ease , Found that abnormal conditions must be dealt with immediately.

1, listen to the sound

If in the normal driving process, the brakes hear a shrill whistling sound, this time we must pay attention to, this is the alarm on the brake pads have begun to wear brake pads, so there will be such a sharp metal sound.

2, look at the thickness

Observe the thickness of the brake pad and how much, if the thickness of the brake pad is less than 3mm when the brake pads must be replaced, because this time there will be obviously not to force the brake, to step deep to have a brake effect or Need to step on twice to stop. If you are not very convenient, you can make the 4s shop or auto repair shop master to help check each time

3, the replacement of the shoe must use special tools to the top of the brake manifold. Can not use other crowbar hard pressure back, so easily lead to brake caliper guide screw bending, brake stuck.


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