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Apr 10, 2017

Brake system is one of the most important components of a car, the brake system of modern automobiles is mainly divided into disc brakes and drum brakes. There are very many incorrect views on the pros and cons of the two brakes, and some businessmen will change some concepts to mislead consumers.

Myth 1: "Disc brakes better than drum brake"

This is a big part of people's misunderstanding. When the car was selected, some people saw the rear wheels frowned on the drum brakes. But from the above principle of work, we can see that the same diameter of the drum brake is more than the disc brake brake force is larger. As long as it is adjusted properly, the brake distance of the drum brake will definitely not be longer than the disc brakes. In addition, the tire and brake system matching degree, body weight, body weight distribution and so on will affect the braking distance. The braking effect cannot be directly painted with the brake system specification, which we have verified in many braking tests. For example, in the Fit, Po-lo, Mazda 2 comparison test, the brake performance is the best after the drum of the front disc Mazda 2, front and rear disc brake fit 1.5 columns second.

Myth two: "The same four-wheel brake, brake disc diameter The greater the better"

This statement cannot be established for different models of different brands. The reason is that we have said that the brake performance and the brake distance and the garage adjustment have a lot of relationship, and there are many other factors will affect. If the brake caliper is insufficient, the brake pad friction coefficient is not high, the tire grip is insufficient, simply by increasing the brake disc will not make the vehicle brake performance a great leap.

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