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What Causes The Brake Pads To Wear Faster?
Feb 10, 2018

The brake pads are the components of the brakes of the car. It can ensure the normal driving of the car and ensure the safety of the car owners. Usually, the car mainly performs maintenance on the brake pads and a little more inspection. If problems are found, they can be dealt with in time. This will ensure normal use of the brake pads. General brake pads can be divided into disc brakes and drum brakes from the braking mode. Drum brakes are used for large vehicles because of low cost, while disc brakes are suitable for general cars. From the material is divided into resin brake pads, powder metallurgy brake pads, carbon composite brake pads, ceramic brake pads several. The entire brake system is very complex. A good quality brake system needs to provide sufficient and stable braking force, as well as good hydraulic conductivity and heat dissipation capability. 2. As the brake caliper of the brake system is damaged due to long-term use, the brake will not return, causing the disc and disc or drum to drag for a long time, resulting in serious wear. 3. The material used for the brake pads is not in conformity with the requirements and the density on the design friction layer is unreasonable and will be in a relatively small condition, which is one of the reasons that causes the brake pads to wear out quickly. 4. There is also a small area of the brake face of the original car. If the speed is used for a long time, high temperature and other factors will cause the brake pads to wear out quickly. Therefore, the owner must pay attention to and pay attention to the maintenance of the brake pads.

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